Before and after petitioning for insolvency things are quite frantic. Uncertainty runs high among those responsible and stakeholders. On the one hand, all energies are directed toward stabilising operations to preserve the highest value. On the other hand, but for the same reason, distasteful business decisions must be made, also to safeguard creditor claims. The (provisional) insolvency administrator must act intelligently and quickly. In such precarious situations, we bolster your insolvency administrator conceptionally and operatively throughout the daily insolvency business.
We gladly assume specific insolvency tasks (i.e. ordering process), acting where it serves you best – either integrated within the organisation or as liaison/intermediary between insolvency administrator, company and external stakeholders (customers, suppliers, investors, etc.). As imperturbable specialists in precarious and insolvency plights, we offer a broad spectrum of specific insolvency expertise with profound methodology knowledge and management competence. Additionally, we assist prominent chancelleries in steering and executing insolvency proceedings, assuming operative positions and seeing to assets optimisation:


A quick check is actually a short analysis, an immediate rendering of your company’s strengths and weaknesses as well as, and in particular, of the key business development risks. A quick check is also an excellent way to sift your company’s major turnaround potential, bringing to light options for courses of action.

Insolvency situations demand that a company’s continuation capacity is established at the onset. Therefore, the Insolvency Statute’s (section 19 German Insolvency Statute (InsO)) continued existence forecast or going concern forecast is the basis for judging a company’s over-indebtedness. A company is judged not over-indebted when circumstances predominantly point to its probable continuation.

As time is of the essence, our quick check concentrates on essential issues which measure your company’s continuation potential: