A successful partnership lasting 20 years: restructuring and succession planning at a logistics firm


RS Logistik GmbH operates within Germany and internationally, working for medium-sized companies. In addition to its head office in Hamburg (Pinneberg-Appen), RS Logistik runs two further sites in Hamburg and Bremen. It offers a range of services, from the transport of general cargo and dangerous goods, through to courier runs and special shipments, and can even provide assembly or mounting services. RS Logistik also operates a modern high-bay warehouse at its Pinneberg site. This facility covers 22,000 m2, and enables goods of any size to be picked. RS Logistik uses its network of partners (S.T.a.R) and the VTL group to link up to almost 200 freight-forwarding companies, both across Germany and abroad.


TMC Turnaround Management Consult has been involved in an advisory role since RS Logistik was founded by Klaus Rekautsch and Volker Steffens back in 2000. The company was fully restructured as part of a transferred reorganisation, and since that point, Kai Peppmeier and his team have offered ongoing assistance to RS Logistik’s executive team, assisting them with the management and optimisation of their company. As a result, profits have steadily increased over the past 20 years, while the company’s range of services has continued to grow.

After 2018 saw the most successful year ever in the company’s short history, RS Logistik moved into the next phase: an orderly handover to the next generation of executives.

Kai Peppmeier and his team assisted the company’s partners in the course of a selective sales procedure, and played a part in the successful organisation of the transition process. The sale of this well-performing company to KTN Großmann Logistik GmbH (from Schleswig-Holstein) in 2019 shows that its succession planning has met with success. As a result, TMC is pleased for all RS's employees, and for its managing partners, in particular.

The company’s previous owners, Klaus Rekautsch and Volker Steffens, will provide support to the new owners for a while yet, as part of a thorough handover process.