Kusch+Co GmbH & Co. KG


Kusch+Co GmbH & Co. KG has established as one of the most significant German producers of seating furniture, targeting the national and international market and generating a total revenue of € 40 million with 250 employees. Furthermore, the company has established as the world market leader in the segment of airport seating. 

Within the last 80 years of company tradition, Kusch+Co has specialised in the production and distribution of high-quality seating furniture. Due to its “Made in Germany” products and its 250 qualified employees, Kusch+Co has gathered excellent international reputations especially in its core segments health, office and transport. The company has equipped over 240 terminals and other airport areas worldwide. Furthermore, Kusch+Co has also provided various healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes as well as entire office buildings with its high-quality furniture products. 


In January 2019, the two shareholders of Kusch+Co GmbH & Co. KG, Mrs. Ricarda Kusch and Mr. Dieter Kusch, sold 100 percent of their shares to Nowy Styl Group. In recent years, the strategic investor Nowy Styl Group has already acquired several companies in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland (Grammer Office, Rohde & Grahl, Sitag) and has proved itself as an excellent partner. The group generates 80 percent of its revenues outside the domestic market and generated a revenue of round about €380 million in 2018.


CVM Capital Value Management GmbH was mandated to support Kusch+Co GmbH & Co. KG in the sales process. The initial contact to Nowy Styl Group was generated by CMT Advisory Sp. z o.o from Poland. The cooperation between CVM and CMT was carried out through the international M&A network AICA (Alliance of International Corporate Advisors).



The CVM team around managing partner Christian Lützenrath conducted the entire sales process, from the identification of potential investors and the selection of the ideal partner to the successful finalisation of the transaction in January 2019.