TMC Turnaround Management Consult is a LucaNet.Certified Professional Partner. This gives our clients and our network access to the industry-independent and market-leading financial performance management software. No matter what task you have to manage in your company - from planning, budgeting to consolidation and reporting: The consultants of TMC Turnaround Management Consult accompany you during the needs analysis, conception and implementation of the software in your company. We ensure that planning and reporting are structured in a way that suits your needs - and are there for you beyond that. LucaNet is ideally suited not only for the ongoing reporting of individual companies, but also for the ongoing monthly consolidations of groups and sub-groups.





Purely Excel-based planning should be a thing of the past. Rely on a system in your company that covers all areas of corporate planning, budgeting and scenario planning:

  • Dynamic planning on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Sub-plans on cost center and/or cost unit level
  • Excel integration for the transfer of plan data
  • Automatic rule-based derivation of integrated corporate planning (P&L, balance sheet, liquidity)
  • Direct liquidity planning
  • Scenarios and forecasts
  • Forecasts and scenario planning

Forecast wizards for the development of detailed plan time series

  • Automated creation of rolling projections
  • Transparent mapping of scenarios
  • Simple comparison, evaluation and analysis of forecasts and scenarios via flexible views

Investment controlling

  • Mapping of actual and plan data on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis
  • Best and worst case scenarios
  • Rolling planning and forecasts during the year
  • Ad-hoc reporting
  • Interactive analysis function
  • Management cockpit
  • Individual report generation

Especially in turbulent times, there is a need for well-structured reporting at the push of a button that is fully adapted to the needs of management.

Management Reporting

  • Predefined reports and evaluations
  • Deviation analyses including traffic light function
  • Interactive analysis function

Apps for business intelligence and dashboards

  • Evaluation of your data with all common BI/Analytics tools
  • Automation of your standard reporting with interactive reports based on established best practices
  • Link your financial data with additional data sources
  • Always up-to-date figures thanks to automated updating
  • Drill down from the KPI to the posting document line item

Creation of the annual report

Integrated ESG reporting

Tax balance sheet and e-balance sheet

Finance departments in the group require the consolidation of all financial statements. This is the only way to achieve an overall view of the financial data:

  • Easy maintenance of the individually definable report structure
  • Extensive import functionalities
  • Automatic validation options
  • Integrated IC reconciliation
  • Workflow support via integrated task management
  • Transparency about the status of data acquisition
  • Secure and error-free data transfer
  • Clean and easy integration with any consolidation software
  • Documentation options
  • Auditable report folders

Aimed at the annual financial statement

  • Individual financial statement
  • Consolidated financial statements
  • IFRS 16
  • Municipal consolidated financial statements


LucaNet is an international software provider for consolidation, planning and reporting. We stand for reliable products, developed by a team of unique talents with a deep understanding of our customers' needs.

Our mission? To simplify the day-to-day lives of finance executives so they can focus fully on what matters most: minimizing risk, achieving sustainable growth and making effective business decisions.

Our user-friendly corporate performance management platform for finance is tailored precisely to the requirements of CFOs, group accountants and controlling and delivers comprehensible and valid figures. And within the shortest possible time.

Our approach to rethinking finance has taken us a long way. For more than 20 years, 3,900 customers in 50 countries have put their trust in LucaNet. Wherever reliable financial data is needed, we are there. Together with our partner network, we offer the most innovative technologies and unparalleled support worldwide. At the top of our agenda: a product that delivers real value every day.