CVM Capital Value Management, a TMC subsidiary, has been specialising in distressed M&A transactions for many years and thus has broad experience in corporate transactions and restructuring situations.

Usually, the sale of the company to be restructured, i.e., in whole or in part, turns out to be a useful method in efforts to bring about a more promising future. This applies in particular to companies in insolvency. In this case, the restrictive conditions require specific know-how and a network for distressed investors in order to ensure the continuation of business activities, the safeguarding of jobs and optimal satisfaction of creditors.

Thanks to CVM Capital Value Management's experience and specialisation, we also have the tools and network needed to successfully carry out distressed M&A projects. This allows the following synergies to be realised with TMC's restructuring experts:

  • Support for continuation and sale from a single source
  • Avoidance of duplication of work and interfacing problems, especially in data preparation, establishment and maintenance of the data room as well as data communication with potential investors
  • Improvements in efficiency and cost reduction in the handling of the process
  • Development of investor solutions taking into account the possibilities offered by insolvency proceedings
  • Improvement of chances of success from the sale or the expected contribution to the assets involved in insolvency proceedings