CVM Capital Value Management GmbH in Dortmund provides TMC with a subsidiary with many years dedicated to distressed M&A transactions amassing an enormous stockpile of experience in company transactions specifically related to recovery and upheaval situations.
Numerous companies suffering a crisis, where recovery is called for, are best advised to sell all or part of their enterprise to safeguard a successful future for the core business. This is particularly true of businesses experiencing bankruptcy. In such cases, the restrictive circumstances require highly specialised expertise and a network of distressed business investors to ensure continued company operations, to safeguard jobs and to optimally answer to creditors.

CVM Capital Value Management’s experience and specialisation supplies us with the instrumentation and network to successfully carry out distressed M&A projects. During recovery or insolvency, we work to your advantage, essentially:

  • Promoting continuation and one-stop sale
  • Deflecting task-duplication and interface issues, especially when it comes to data editing, to setting up and administrating the data room and to data communication with potential investors
  • Increasing efficiency and reducing process treatment costs
  • Applying our recovery and insolvency intelligence to formulating investor solutions within insolvency proceedings options
  • Upgrading transaction success or the projected contribution to insolvency assets.