Interim Management

We know ourselves to be managers and businesspeople, not consultants. Thus, it is only natural that we carry out the concepts we develop together with you, taking full responsibility for our actions. Against this background, we consistently direct our rightsizing approaches toward realistic viability and, most importantly, do-ability. There’s nothing idealistic about it. Without question, we stand strong behind the success of our suggested measures.

We gladly and emphatically assume temporary top management responsibilities for the duration – as executive manager, board of directors, CEO, CFO, or CRO. We have been operating in this manner for 20 years. We are successful.

We are a manager pool comprising seven expert leaders, each embodying 20 to 35 years of leadership experience in a variety of branches. This adds up to over 200 years of decision-making competence.


  • Automobile industry and trade
  • Construction and real estate
  • Construction supply industry
  • Renewable energy
  • Timber processing
  • IT services / outsourcing
  • Consumer goods industry
  • Plastics
  • Farming / agricultural industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Engineering/plant construction
  • Metalworking and processing
  • Foodstuffs and animal feed industries
  • Shipyard industry


Management is not one-dimensional, this we know. Operative action, rapid-fire and steady-handed decision-making work in tandem with intensely communicative, circumspect and far-sighted leadership. People must be convinced and inspired to divulge their own enthusiasm. Without this priceless asset, no change for the better will come about; no turnaround will succeed. This is our responsibility. And change takes time. As a rule, in our leadership capacity, we steer your precarious situation toward its desired resolution over a period of one to two years. We work for and with shareholders, investors and insolvency administrators – a united team – in accord with the key persons involved.