Christian Lützenrath, EGU Interim Director

Christian Lützenrath, EGU Interim Director


Christian Lützenrath joined EGU in 2014 as interim director when the company was suffering an earnings and liquidity crisis with severely depleted equity capital.

Extensive recovery measures were put to work in sales (significant development of online sales, reinforcements in the field, sales management reshuffle, CRM system and product range streamlining), in purchasing (management of conditions) and, most importantly, in logistics (replacement of logistics managers, total renovation of distribution centre, new enterprise resource planning system, optimisation of over 100 logistic processes), asserting the company’s main priorities. Furthermore, the organisational structure was improved and a rigid cost management system activated.

Today, EGU is profitable, has a healthy equity structure and is back on solid financial ground, having markedly reduced its share of borrowed capital. Acquiring additional wholesale houses and further improving efficiency will shape the EGU’s promising future.

A development unlike anything I have seen in the last 25 years’, an industry insider, the FEGIME purchasing association CEO (enjoying sales of over 1.4 billion euros), commented.