Entire Sales Process Bio-Zentrale Naturprodukte GmbH

Bio-Zentrale Naturprodukte GmbH


Bio-Zentrale Naturprodukte GmbH, founded in 1976, is one of the oldest companies within the German organic industry. As it has been delivering the retail food industry from the beginning, it is less known in specialty retail trade. The company generates about € 50m revenue with its dry products. The company located in Wittibreut has specialised in the marketing of food from purely organic farming. In addition to trading products from controlled organic farming, granola bars from own production are sold. The company’s brands “biozentrale” and “BioKids” are in line with highest quality guidelines and often exceed standards according to EC organic regulation.  

Entire Sales Process


In July 2016, the parent company of Bio-Zentrale Naturprodukte GmbH, KTG Agrar SE, filed for insolvency under self-administration. The restructuring and reorganization measures of KTG Agrar SE imply, among others, to focus on the core business of agricultural cultivation of food crops and supplying the energy sector. Regarding the sale of the shareholding in Bio-Zentrale Naturprodukte GmbH, CVM Capital Value Management GmbH has been mandated to support the sales process by the preliminary trustee, lawyer Stefan Denkhaus of BRL Boege Rhode Luebbehuesen, and laywer Jan Ockelmann of Johlke Niethammer & Partner in his role as CRO of KTG Agrar SE.  
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JLW Holding AG is part of the family-run LINDHORST group, which operates in the fields of agriculture, real estate and elderly care. The business unit "agriculture" is represented by JLW Holding AG. With an area of ??about 22,000 ha, JLW Holding AG is one of the largest agricultural companies in Germany and has specialised in the production of plants and renewable energies. Conventional farming of mainly cereals, rapeseed, maize and forage plants is conducted while taking into account environmental aspects. Therefore, it fits very well with the mission statement of Bio-Zentrale Naturprodukte GmbH. 

CVM Capital Value Management GmbH supported the entire sales process. In July 2016, the shares of Bio-Zentrale Naturprodukte GmbH were successfully transferred to JLW Holding AG.