Entire Sales Process Kameleon GmbH & Co. KG

Kameleon GmbH & Co. KG

Kameleon GmbH & Co. KG develops and produces equipment of educational spaces for nurseries, day care centers, kindergartens and schools. In addition to advising on design, planning and implementation, the interdisciplinary team of teachers, architects and engineers focuses on realizing pedagogically valuable space concepts. Entire facilities as well as individual corners are designed and furnished. Taking natural light effects, colour design and acoustic components into account, comprehensive room concepts are designed with about 45 employees at the company site in Hamburg and subsequently produced at the site in Buchhol, Nordheide.

Entire Sales Process


Stefan Denkhaus (BRL, Hamburg), the insolvency administrator of Kameleon GmbH & Co. KG, mandated CVM Capital Value Management GmbH with the sale of the company’s assets within a structured M&A process.

Within the framework of an asset deal, the “planning/pedagogy", "sales" and "production" unit of Kameleon GmbH and Co. KG were acquired by Holz & Hobel Schreinerei Moser. Likewise, Holz & Hobel Schreinerei Moser develops space concepts with individual light effects and colour designs for nurseries, kindergartens and schools, aiming at creating a physical environment with sufficient space for children’s development. The mutual corporate identity establishes not only an optimal basis for the integration of the about one dozen new employees but also for optimal usage of the combined expertise and the design of unique space concepts for children.

CVM Capital Value Management GmbH supported the entire process, from the identification of potential investors to the successful finalisation of the sales process in November 2014.