Entire Sales Process Prokon Windpark Gagel GmbH & Co. KG

Prokon Windpark Gagel GmbH & Co. KG


Wind farm “Gagel” comprises 16 wind turbines in the North of Saxony-Anhalt producing a total of 48 megawatts. The 16 Enercon E-115 units have been in operation since February 2017 and can provide energy for up to 40,000 households per annum.

Prokon-Group is primarily involved in planning, financing, realizing and operating wind farms as well as marketing electricity to end consumers.

Entire Sales Process


GLS Energie AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG (GLS Bank). GLS Energie AG is being developed into an independent electricity producer owning solar and wind farms with approximately 85 megawatts. Overall, GLS Bank possesses 23 solar and wind farms nationwide with a total output of over 200 megawatts.

CVM Capital Value Management GmbH supported the entire selling process, from the identification of potential investors and the selection of the ideal partner to the successful finalization of the transaction.