Sales Process diamond steel blade business Arntz Group

Arntz Gruppe


Arntz Group has been founded in 1793 and produces with ca. 180 employees at two locations (Remscheid and Schmölln) circular and band saws as well as steel blades in different variations. The product assortment of the diamond steel blade unit comprises the production of standard and special steel blades as well as low-noise steel blades. Specialization has been on steel blades with a diameter starting at 1.982 mm. Except Arntz Group, there is only one manufacturer of diamond steel blades with diameters starting at 3.00 meters in Germany.

Sales Process diamond steel blade business


The shareholders of Arntz Group have engaged CVM Capital Value Management GmbH in the context of strategic realignment to support within a structured M&A process of its diamond steel blade production unit

The buyer, Mummenhoff International GmbH & Co. KG, emerged from a transaction in January 2014 that was also supported by CVM Capital Value Management GmbH. The company is owned by a Lebanese investor group which is involved in the branch of diamond tools. The diamond steel blades produced are mainly used in the natural stone, building construction, road construction and glass industry. The company’s value chain is supplemented perfectly by the transaction.

CVM Capital Value Management GmbH supported the entire process, from the identification of potential investors to the successful finalisation of the sales process in October 2014.