Shares in HEYER Medical AG acquired by investor from Hong Kong


HEYER AG's history goes back to the inventions created by the engineer Carl Heyer. From around 1883 onwards, he designed devices to help patients to inhale healing vapours. The company was founded in Bad Ems, a town renowned for its healing springs which is still home to the headquarters of this traditional firm today.

While HEYER initially focused on inhalation devices, the company began to develop anaesthesia machines from 1970 onwards. Nowadays, it is well-known around the globe for these products. HEYER has been owned by a US investor and operating under the name HEYER Medical AG since 2000. In the 2018 financial year, HEYER generated turnover of around 6.2 million euros.

Entire Sales Process

On 24 October 2018, HEYER Medical AG’s management filed for insolvency. A ruling dated 24 October 2018 saw the District Court of Koblenz appoint attorney-at-law Dr Ralf Bornemann of dhpg as the preliminary administrator. 

Insolvency proceedings were initiated on 1 January 2019, appointing attorney-at-law Dr Ralf Bornemann as administrator.

As part of the insolvency plan, an investor from Hong Kong, a subsidiary of a Chinese medical technology manufacturer, acquired the shares of the previous shareholders, and will continue to operate the company under the same name. 

The investor is one of Asia’s leading manufacturers of anaesthesia machines and ventilators, with development sites in Beijing, Shanghai and Pennsylvania. In addition to anaesthesia machines and ventilators, the company's extensive product range includes surgical lights, operating tables, patient monitors, infusion pumps, endoscopy machines, digital operating devices, respirators, oxygen production devices and respiration machines. 

From China, the company supplies its products to more than 130 countries around the globe. It has branch offices in Germany, Mexico, Indonesia and India. By the end of 2018, the company had developed around 1,140 patents, winning awards such as the ‘China Innovation Design Red Star Award’, the ‘Germany IF Design Award’ and the ‘German Red Dot Design Award’.

On 31 October 2018, the team at CVM Capital Value Management GmbH, led by its managing partner Kai Peppmeier, was issued a mandate by HEYER's management and the preliminary administrator to safeguard a structured M&A process. Thanks to its successful collaboration with dhpg and the company’s management, CVM was able to find a suitable and financially sound investor for the company. 

With the assistance of the new owner, high-quality medical devices will still be developed, assembled and sold at its Bad Ems site. 

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